DexBot DAO - A Conglomerate of Traders and Founders

DexBot DAO is founded by developers, traders and influencers, aiming to fertilize sustainable and long-term growth. Members of the DAO have lifetime access to premium features and share the profit of DexBot.

In progress
  • Price2 ETH
  • Available spots500
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My Dividend

DAO members are eligible to share 30% of the platform's profit

  • ****

    Estimated dividend (Nov, 2023)

  • ****

    Total Dividend

  • ****


  • 30%

    Profit shared

DAO Privileges

  • Lifetime Access

    Permanent access to all premium features including copy-trading, listing and presale sniper bots.

  • 30% Profit Share

    30% of the profit generated from sales will be distributed to DAO members in USDT as dividend.

  • Exclusive Features

    AI copy-trading, smart quant trading and listing insights give significant informational and technical edge over most traders, and are reserved for DAO members only.

  • OG Perks

    As the early supporters of DexBot, DAO members are eligible to participate in closed tests for new features, offline meetups and airdrops.


  • Optimization

    2023 Q3

    Copy-trading 2.0

    Presale sniper 2.0

    Listing sniper 2.0

    AI analytics

    Customizable task lists

  • Extension

    2023 Q4

    Improved technological structure

    Profit share

    Telegram version

    Additional main-nets

    Additional DEXs

  • Finalization

    2024 Q1

    Grid strategies

    Trend trading strategy

    Dynamic balancing trading

    Derivative exchanges supported


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    When will my DexBot DAO membership expire?


    DexBot DAO membership is a lifetime qualification, it won't ever expire.

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    What is DexBot DAO Pass?


    DexBot DAO Pass is a digitalized proof of membership, holders of the pass are eligible to access all DexBot DAO features.

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    Is DexBot DAO membership tradable?


    DexBot DAO membership exists as a NFT in your wallet, which can be transferred to others.

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    When can i claim my dividend?


    DAO profit share will be available in Q4, 2023, and an official announcement regarding the exact date will be made.

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    Is DexBot DAO permanently opened for application?


    DexBot DAO only offers 1,000 memberships, and no additional spots will be replenished after they are sold out.